If you live at a distance or you cannot make our class due to time constraints or issues of proximity, this is the program for you. The Foundation Program is a two-year comprehensive program in classical homeopathy for the student at a distance. It is the same two-year comprehensive program that is taught in the classroom. This program comes on a slim, external hard drive that connects directly to your computer by USB port, and is password protected, allowing the student to study in the comforts of their own home, at a time most convenient for them, and with the choice to study one year or both.

Janet has designed this program with each lesson being a building block to the next, for context and continuity, allowing the student to follow this program with ease and prescribe with confidence. In addition, this program is yours to keep and refer back to at any time in the future, and compact enough to take with you anywhere you travel. There is a wealth of information that the student can always reference. See below for what is included in this program and click on our school tab to see a more detailed description of this program.

Without a solid foundation, no structure can stand, and students without a strong foundation have found themselves confused and ineffective. Our Distance Learning Program provides everything the student needs for optimal learning.

In addition to philosophy, methodology and materia medica, repertory and case-taking workshops are introduced in Year One so the student is involved and participating in every case, and with guidance every step of the way. Analyses of cases and repertorizations, as well as the key to every case and every quiz is provided in a "DON'T LOOK" folder so the student can see how they did after working the case, and to see if they interpreted the case correctly, or if there were more appropriate rubrics they could have taken. Instruction is provided with every lesson so the student knows exactly what is required in each lesson.

In Year Two, live cases previously filmed are shown so the student can understand the intricacies and nuances of case-taking, case-analysis and case-management, that can only be observed in consultation. Eliciting information from the patient is a skill that is developed over time and with experience. By observing the consultation and then working the case, the student becomes aware through repertory and rubrics what questions they have not asked, and good experience is gained.


In Year One, Materia Medica comes alive with images and comparisons of remedy pictures, as we learn the essence of our remedies and how they are applied. We learn complex material through PowerPoint presentations in Year One, but for materia medica we do it the old fashioned way, by hitting the books, as they say. Our repertory, Materia Medica and Organon are the tools of our trade, and absent computers and electricity, we need to know how to use them. We read for a more personal relationship with our work. We listen to audio-tapes as opposed to watching videos to heighten our listening skills without visual distractions. We learn over many lessons how to take the case, and workshops are conducted and cases gone over so the student learns well the lessons the homeopathic Masters have handed down to us. We learn the laws and prinicples of homeopathy through the Organon of the Medical Art, Dr. Hahenmann's seminal work in Homeopathy. We learn to translate the language of the patient through our Repertory, and choose the correct rubrics that represent our case. If we don't choose the correct rubrics, we do not chose the correct remedy for our patients. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. Here we learn of the great contributions to homeopathy from Von Boenninghausen, Kent, Hering, Guernsey and other Masters in Homeopathy.


In Year Two, the student learns Materia Medica through PowerPoint presentations within remedy groups. Learning the commonality of remedy groups raises the student's awareness of certain remedies that may be needed by the the patient and this helps to easily identify one remedy over another. Learning slide-by-slide brings remedy pictures into focus for easy memorization. What would ordinarily take months of reading to remember, is captured through PowerPoint slides for what is most unique and characteristic of a remedy, as well as the remedy group. This year we learn to take the case with special circumspection, as we are now dealing with constitutional prescribing and the homeopath must now pass judgment on the weight of symptoms in analyzing the case. We learn to manage the case over the long term as we follow our patient over the course of the year with six follow-up consultations.

The mission of the Foundation program is to give the student the proper instruction in the fundamentals of classical homeopathy, as handed down from the Masters. This is the foundation the student will be able to build upon, the foundation from which all else will follow. Whether for students who wish to learn to prescribe for friends and family, or the student whose goal is to go further into understanding constitutional prescribing, our foundation program will give the student confidence in their knowledge and skills.

The Master Clinical Program in Classical Homeopathy is a two year clinical program, consisting of select homeopathic lectures based on the teachings of Hahnemann and Kent and a clinical part, which follows four patient's over the course of two years. David provides detailed instruction on advanced case analysis and long term case management under the law of similars, as handed down from the Masters.

After multiple requests from past, present and prospective students, as well as practicing homeopaths, David offers the Master Clinical Program as an advanced distance learning program for those students who could not attend his physical school due to limitations in time or proximity. David is now able to bring this extraordinary teaching to you, where you can attend his classroom in the comforts of your own home.

David Kramer is a Master homeopathic practitioner with over 40 years in private practice and the study of metaphysics, which he brilliantly synthesizes and skillfully distills to his students. He is a much sought after lecturer and practitioner in the homeopathic field.

David is the Chief Lecturer, Director and Founder of the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy, founded in 1995. He has studied with such contemporary Masters as the late Dr. Francisco Eizyaga, Jeremy Sherr and Vega Rozenberg. After completing the four-year international program with George Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece, David was subsequently chosen to be the North American Program Coordinator for the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

The Master Clinical Program is a homeopathic educational program consisting of 250 hours of video-taped classes, along with class notes consisting of over 400 pages, and an index for easy reference and direction regarding each lesson, which contains homework assignments. This advanced educational program is now in digital format on a slim, external hard drive, that is password protected and connects directly to your computer by USB port.


The Anatomy of Disease

Cultural Relevance

Our Belief Systems

Miasmatic Predisposition

The Friction Point

The Chain of Pathology

Seeing the Patient

Self Awareness and the Unprejudiced Observer


Vital Force/Consciousness

Harmony and Health/Trauma and Disease


Evolution and Involution

Creativity and Spirit

Simple Substance

Advanced Case Taking

Advanced Case Analysis

Advanced Case Management

And so much more.


This advanced program follows four patients over the course of two years. One of the advantages of this course is that it gives students the ability to see the twists and turns a case will take over the long term, as you are able to observe each consultation as if you were in David's office with his patients. Short-term follow-up does not allow the student to see when the patient may require an "intercurrent" remedy for an acute arising, nor does it allow the student to witness the subtle changes that may warrant a change in remedy. With the Master Clinical Program you will observe these scenarios and understand how to respond to the management of the case.

The ability to understand precisely what is happening with your patient is paramount in long-term case management and the restoration of homeostasis, which is health. Without this understanding, finding yourself in a maze of symptoms without order or meaning is most problematic and very unfortunate. This scenario often leads the homeopath into interpreting the case incorrectly and choosing an incorrect remedy, or changing a remedy based on the incorrect interpretation of the case.

David masterfully shows you the lawfulness of handling your cases, where you will never find yourself lost and not knowing what to do. You will have the tools you need to see the case in its purity and understand what needs to be cured in any given patient, as well as understand the meaning of symptoms that will guide your hand in all of your cases.

After viewing every consultation in David's office, you can also view the subsequent class discussions for a thorough instruction in case analysis and case management. Thus making this program a self-contained program in the clinical study of Classical Homeopathy.


The mission of HVSCH is to integrate the highest understanding of the principles and theories of classical homeopathy as expounded by the Masters and apply these same laws of healing to contemporary life. The intention of this program is to explore and clarify the total range of the emotional and spiritual spectrum of the human condition, which must be understood and placed in appropriate individual and cultural context in order to promote true healing.

David is dedicated to producing competent homeopaths and helping to advance homeopathy to its rightful place as a healing modality. With the Master Clinical Program the student is further refining their skills in case-taking, case analysis and case-management, as well as continuing their evolution as a healer. This is the perfect opportunity to study with a Master Homeopath.