A New Two-Year Comprehensive Program in Classical Homeopathy Begins this September.

SINCE 1995, The Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy has served with excellence and dedication to upholding the highest standards in Classical Homeopathy. This year HVSCH offers a new two-year comprehensive foundation program that offers the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology in a two part curriculum. This two-part foundation program is open to everyone who would like to learn from the layperson wishing to treat themselves, their friends and their family, to the professional who would like to integrate another paradigm into their practice.

YEAR ONE: Year One is the Acute Prescriber. This is an intensive one-year program in acute prescribing designed to invite the student who would like to offer themselves, their friends and their family a healthier alternative to healing. The first year of a homeopathic curriculum is the most important year, as it is the year the foundation for all else that will follow is established.

This year covers the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology, as we learn the fundamentals of prescribing through the acute remedy pictures. We also begin to learn some constitutional prescribing through the common polycrest remedies. By the end of this year, the student will have met a level of proficiency to prescribe for many acute and traumatic conditions that will prove valuable under many circumstances occurring in daily life. The innovative way this program is structured allows the student the option of one or both years of study. The acute prescriber program is a prerequisite for year two.

YEAR TWO: Year Two is The Healer. Year two is a more in-depth program for the student who would like to understand the nature of health and disease and the wisdom of homeopathy on a deeper level. This comprehensive program covers the classical teachings in philosophy and methodology and is designed to give the student more refined skills in case-taking, case analysis and case management by seeing the subtlety and nuance of a deeper and more expansive dynamic.

This is the year we learn more on constitutional prescribing as well as miasmatic theory and the chronic diseases. This year we learn remedy pictures within remedy groups through PowerPoint presentations, which gives the student a leg up in quickly being able to distinguish between remedies. See a further description of Years One and Two on our Distance Learning Programs page.

By the end of the second year, the student will have met a satisfactory level of proficiency to prescribe for certain chronic conditions, with a deeper understanding of case management.

SEEING THE DEEPER DYNAMIC: Seeing the patient, knowing what needs to be cured, and applying the most appropriate homeopathic remedy is the craft of the homeopath. If we see only superficially, we can only palliate the complaints of the patient at best and suppress them at worst. When we can see through to the deeper dynamic, we can return our patient to health and well-being. What is required of us for seeing?

Hahnemann's advice to the generations of homeopaths who would follow, was to learn everything we could of human nature, as being a healer requires a special circumspection. If we cannot see the importance of this, we will only be able to bring someone to the level we are at and nothing higher. What Hahnemann meant was that we, as healers, must develop in our own evolution.

Through the analogous symptoms of the patient's disease, through metaphor, concepts, language and dreams, we learn to decipher what the patient is trying to tell us, especially what they cannot understand for themselves. We go to the soul of their suffering. It is there that we begin to understand the spirit of a human being, the consequence of which is awakening to our own evolution. It is this inspiration that begins our journey. We become the stewards who hold these universal laws and principles that govern healing, as we witness true healing through them. We become capable of guiding our patients through the labyrinth of disease, toward the restoration of their health and vitality. We become a healer.

See below for what is contained in our curriculum, as well as additional information on our Distance Learning Page.